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Cialis - one of the most commonly used drugs in the world to solve the problem of impotence and enhance erection.

After the resolution of the EU clinical use of tadalafil - a new tool to combat impotence, created by U.S. companies Ely Lilly and Icos, the drug appeared in early 2003 in European pharmacies under the trade name Cialis .. The drug acts as Viagra, but the effect is achieved quicker and stored 2-3 times longer.

A new drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction Cialis (active ingredient - Tadalafil), the joint development of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (Eli Lilly) and corporations ICOS (AYKOS), went on sale in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The first countries where there was this drug that are Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Germany. In February and May 2003 Cialis came out and the markets of other countries.

"Out of Cialis to markets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand is an important event for Lilly ICOS», - said Richard Pilnik (Richard Pilnik), President of the European division of Eli Lilly - «The effects of Cialis - more than a day - a unique opportunity in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), allowing the men with this disorder normalize their sex life."

"For many of the 31 million women in Europe suffering from ED, Cialis will fundamentally solve the problem" - says Paul Clark (Paul Clark), the Officer Director ICOS.

Cialis main feature is that it restores the ability to have an erection in men over 36 hours. It is important to note that erection occurs only during sexual arousal. It does not allow couples to plan their sexual relationship and not to abandon the normal rhythm of life. For example, we take a tablet in the morning and in the evening to date.

Studies have shown that the effect of Cialis does not depend on alcohol and a hearty dinner, of course, for some men, it would be another argument in favor of the drug. However, it should be noted alcohol in high doses by itself affects the erection and also alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction.

Cialis refers to the class of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme. Its action is based on a selective and effective blockade of phosphodiesterase-5, which promotes relaxation of smooth muscle cells and increases blood flow to the penis. Currently Cialis - only phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, reducing the ability to have an erection of 36 hours. As with all drugs of this class, such as Viagra, Cialis is contraindicated for the combined use with nitrates used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Cialis will help many men to cope with the problem of impotence and allow more freedom to choose the time for sex. Today, some 150 million men around the world have problems with erection. According to experts, the use of Cialis will help them cope with this problem and establish a normal sex life. Undoubtedly, the emergence of new high-drug force many men to begin treatment.

It was also found that tadalafil is used to treat impotence, often improves the sexual health of cancer patients with removal of the prostate. These are the results of clinical test, the report of which was presented to the participants of the conference held in Denver sexologists.

What people say about cialis those who use it?

Good day, I am 44 years old, recently fell into confusion, which compensated for by all available means, the lady-in offense that did not go, but I bought the probes. According to the "science" took on half a tablet of Cialis a day - in the morning got the riser, lost three years ago! And then - the re-encounter! As a result, nearly died after hours of sex! Not the pills, probably, and of physical activity - most likely! The lady was also in a sweet shock ... Happy with everything - his wife, the lady I am! Of the side effects - stuffy nose and difficulty at work over the bulging out of his pants.

I tried lowest price cialis online, ate a whole pill. Characteristic nasal congestion and a small "dope" in the head I felt after about 20-25 minutes after ingestion. He took with the expectation that sex will be 1.5-2 hours after administration, as actually happened. The effect is not very good - an erection that is, it suddenly disappears. However, I have reached one of the goals - strongly decreased sensitivity to me and it was necessary. But the erection is not stable. The sex was, but to orgasm, I never made it, but the girl meet with great efforts failed. After receiving a spontaneous erection is still for 48 hours.

Cialis I took somewhere at 14:00. I knew that if you focus on the evening, that time is the most it. Waited for an hour did, judging by the feelings, after 2:00, a stuffy nose, a little sunburned face, well, I think it is the beginning. In short, everything took place somewhere around 23:00 I was pleasantly surprised at the thought that everything goes up, as if by magic, while there is a very pleasant heaviness in the groin, oh yes, I want to say that the duration of the act itself has grown somewhere in the 3-4, and of a pleasant surprise that even after the first time not falling almost a minute later again in the battle. Noticed that the effect of the drug began to disappear after about 12-14 hours of side effects is absolutely nothing to watch.

Cialis bought on the cheap here - the effect was. He took half a tablet at night, and then for 2 hours before the meeting even half of it. Side effects: red in the face and a stuffy nose, but still tolerable. Erection was at the first thought of his beloved. But here's the duration of the act left much to be desired. The second time the meeting 2 weeks later. The dosage regimen for the same. There is no side effect. The effect of Cialis is worse, but everything here, as I understood, depended on the mood. Took the night half a tablet of Cialis. Pobochki no. Before the meeting for half an hour and a half tablet of Viagra. 4.5 hours - 8 acts with a normal duration, after 5 minutes later was again ready to go into battle. My favorite was left very happy as I am.

It means this: Cialis did not work at all. Very disappointed with it.

For psychological reasons after the divorce began sexual frustrations. An attempt was made to have sex with the "old" friend, which ended unsuccessfully. A friend advised me to buy Viagra. Damn, it's true, I think - and I am suffering so much time sheep! I read the reviews and settled on Cialis. I liked that "activation" is manifested by stimulation of genitals, and 36 hours of action. If only acted! Took tab. 20 mg, did not share, an hour before the planned sex, worried scary! In general, the sex was with a few interruptions, 4 hours, and then fell asleep. In the morning went to the forest for mushrooms - honey agaric gained an hour, and then again 4 times sex. Finished, however, one time, but this is what I wanted to, you could go on, but I was told - anything you wear out me! Thank you for Cialis. Life began to play the same bright colors! I'm 40, healthy, no side effects were no!

I'm 45, married a second time, for 16 years. His wife always causes sexual desire, but in the last year - the eye sees, but the tooth can not catch it. The desire to remain, and can not do anything. Sometimes worked, but still one of the unpleasant feeling, like as not full. All clear: addiction, problems, stress, but I still can not believe that at this age and not like. Wife support, but I see that also somehow begins to get upset. So I decided to search the Internet for something to help solve the problem. Long chose from reviews and decided to order Cialis, as the most suitable to my age. The requirements were estimated as follows: no side effects, no addiction, no need to iron a member, the more short-term, you need to ready when the wife was like. And it fits the requirements of Cialis. Ordered sent is not very fast, it is clear - mail. Was looking forward to. When I received immediately drank the whole tablet, until the evening still had about 3 hours. Any side effects not. A feeling of something supernatural was not, but the thought of having sex with his wife immediately became a member of the firm, not iron, it was hard and ready. In general, the feeling is that the member has opened a "second wind". And this feeling continues. Very nice to know that you can now satisfy his wife. She first wary glances at such an improvement on my part. I, however, still not talking to her about Cialis. And now it has become even narrower and require rest. It is true that satisfied woman in the flowers do not need it. I keep every 2 days to drink Cialis and always ready to have sex with his wife. Thank you for the opportunity to continue a normal sex life. Other medications while and do not want to try it means I was completely satisfied. Maybe try Cialis Soft.

It was like this: drank a whole pill at 6pm. Let think disperse the drug in the body, about an hour later there was nasal congestion, but not for long. After another half an hour felt a surge of energy to the reproductive organs. Well, I think earned genital apparatus. We met, had dinner, not much to drink, had a huge desire to be punished to the full extent, however, was a bit surprised that the riser was not particularly strong, probably affected the amount of alcohol consumed. The first fight did not last long, and then took a shower, then she and I swam until she fell asleep. Awakened by gentle caresses girlfriend and then that he sprang. In short, until 6 am struggled with her passion. During this time, finished 3 times. Last - somehow. The next day his eyes ached as if swelled, I think the pressure, though not certain, as it previously did not suffer. It's been 4 days and the tablet still works, but today was the ache of the back, which is very frustrating because Cialis is very good.

I suffer from premature ejaculation because of the high sensitivity of the head of the penis, as well as poor potency, due to sedentary lifestyles. To extend the time of sexual intercourse I used prolongator, sometimes it helped me and the act was really long - about 20 minutes, for me, it's just super-long! And sometimes after applying the cream to rise at all member refused. So I decided to try to increase the potency pills - I was planning to use them at the same time prolongatory. Ordered 5 tablets of Cialis. The first pill, had no absolutely no effect. The second tablet of Cialis already gone better, there was little noticeable improvement in erection, but I was not sure that this is the pill worked, because I take a ride on the eve of a well on the bike, I thought could improve the activity occurred. Third I ate nothing. Well, there are still two. In their actions, I was not sure, so I decided to try to eat just two. The result was absolutely clear and I liked very much. Not only the erection appeared iron, but also the duration of sexual intercourse has increased enormously - I do not know exactly how much, because I was physically tired to have sex, although my little buddy all eager to fight. To achieve finally ejaculation I had to make frictions with the frequency of the sewing machine. I even think about such could not with my dull two-minute sex, which I hope to remain forever in the past. Plus, the side effects were noticed at all! No spin, no head is not bothered at all. I'm going to try as Viagra and Levitra, and then buy a year's supply at a lowest price of what I like the most of them.

Had a drink in the evening half of the 11 tablets Cialis, through 20 minutes felt a slight rise in intracranial pressure. Slightly stuffy nose, eye bottom and a little bit sick in the head oschushalos. An hour later I got used to or, or not paying attention, but there was no discomfort. It so happened that the prelude had to deal with in the car after 1.5 hours. But the machine was ready, it is a pity that the girl menstruating. Satisfying the girl in the car, went home, went on there, and then she got orgasm a second time and then she took me. The standpipe was not reinforced, but there was nothing to be ashamed of. In general, bad thoughts did not exist. I just enjoyed. Oral inhaled and after 10 minutes I realized that I could not finish it, and then with my problems. I read that Cialis can delay ejaculation, but did not think so, in general, had to make an effort to finish the job and happy family went to bed. On the morning of the riser was not worse than yesterday, went to work as usual, the first girl, then me, but that's about me has been 15 minutes and did not remember even once, that would be so sweat that would "finish". Another day passed, during the day and at rest dimensions slightly increased, as soon wanted - stands up, if there is no extension, then falls in 1-2 minutes in poluvozbuzhdennoe state. Actually, I realized that the pill for me. Livitru not tried it, but I think - it's more suitable for the holidays, but the rate of Cialis propyl and quit smoking, plus diet and I think everyone should improve. Cialis lived up to my expectations.

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